Network Repair and Troubleshooting

Owning a small to medium business can be difficult in the best of times. Couple the daily stresses of business ownership and add a downed network and life can be utterly unbearable. Many small businesses rely on the office computer guru when problems occur. In most cases this can be enough but if you find yourself in a situation with your network that is beyond the skills of your go to employee… we can help. We have the specialty equipment to assess, troubleshoot, and resolve your network woes and the skilled technicians with the know how. 

If you are in the market for an IT firm to manage your network give us a call. We can take the stress of network management off your list of responsibilities. 

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Network Services

Below is a list of the most common services we help our clients with. This list is not exhaustive so please call if you don’t see a service matching your problem. Chances are we can still help and get you back up and running.


Downed networks can cost a business big! A downed network means fewer operating hours resulting in profit loss. We can lessen that impact by diagnosing the problem and finding a solution.

Cable Installation

Looking to turn a storage room into a workspace for your expanding business? We can run all of the network cabling necessary to accomplish that task. As well as any other task requiring a new network cable drop.

Workstation Installation

New employees mean new computers to install and configure. Let us setup and join those new computers to your network so they can hit the ground running and make your business money.

Wifi Router Setup

Sometimes service providers will provide the service but not the setup. If your not comfortable handling it yourself… we can. We’ll get you surfing the web in no time.

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