Troubleshooting and Installation

If you’re new to computing or simply don’t have any experience installing software it can be a little overwhelming. Installing software isn’t always as easy as accepting all of the default settings and calling it a day. Some softwares require custom installation and configuration that go beyond the average computer users skill level. If you encounter this sort of thing, give us a call and let us navigate the software maze of prompts and settings for you.

Software can, on occasion, simply just stop working properly. This can be due to a host of issues including recent software patches/updates, hardware failures, viruses, and misconfigurations. We have the experience and expertise to resolve these issues and restore the status quo in no time. 

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Software Related Services

Below is a list of the most common services we help our clients with. This list is not exhaustive so please call if you don’t see a service matching your problem. Chances are we can still help and get you back up and running.


Failing hardware, software updates, misconfigured settings, and viruses can all cause software to malfunction. We can diagnose and fix these kind of issues.


We can handle software installation for you and manage the potential hurdles that present themselves in the process. Let us make it a headache free experience.


Have software in need of update or upgrade? Knowing what is safe or not to install can be daunting but we can navigate it for you.

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