Build Your Next Custom Computer

Have you dreamed of building a custom computer for years? Are you a gamer that wants a crazy setup to play online games? Do you need a computer to fit a specific need? These are all things that Golden Coast Computes can help you accomplish. Our technicians have the technical expertise to selectively choose computer components to fit specific needs. Once those components are selected we can assemble and install the necessary softwares. 

If you are on a budget, let us know how much you are working with and we can build a system around that budget. Call today and lets discuss your next custom computer project.

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Custom Computer Building Services

Below is a brief description of the processes involved in building a custom computer. This is a complicated endeavor but this will give you a basic understanding of what it takes.

Component Selection

Picking the right hardware components can be an artform. Navigating the endless options can give anyone a headache. Once we learn your needs we can select what is right for your requirements.


Once the hardware is selected we can handle the assembly and installation for you. This part of a build can be tricky and highly technical. We have the knowledge and skill required.

Software Installation

Hardware needs software and custom built computers don’t come with operating systems and drivers preconfigured. We will do this for you and bring your new computer to life.

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