Viruses and Malware Removal

The problems that can occur as a result of viruses, malware, spyware, adware, and ransomeware are unquantifiable. They can slow your computer to a crawl, render hardware invisible to your operating system, collect personal information, hijack your computer until you pay a fee, and corrupt information. If you are experiencing any of these issues or just think you might have a virus we can scan for and remove these malicious softwares and files.

Before we begin troubleshooting computers suspected of having a computer virus or related malicious software we back up your system. Why do we do this? Sometimes computer viruses are so embedded in a computer system or have corrupted a system so completely that it’s impossible to recover. In these cases we extract your data and restore your system. Backing up your system allows us to scan/remove viruses from the backup and restore it to your computer. 

If you suspect that you have one a virus don’t hesitate to call us, we can fight the battle for you.

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Virus Removal Services

Below is a list of the most common services we help our clients with. This list is not exhaustive so please call if you don’t see a service matching your problem. Chances are we can still help and get you back up and running.


We scan for and remove malicious softwares and code that may effect the operation of you computer system. Before scanning we backup your system to secure your data.


Scanning software is on the front lines defending your computer from viruses. If you don’t have a virus software suit installed on your computer you are at risk of data loss and more. Let us install one for you.

Virus Definition Updates

Virus software is useless without the most current definitions installed. New viruses appear everyday so staying up to date is a necessity. Let us maintain this for you. Call us today!

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